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So many Misters

13. December 2015 0 comments
 I would like to dedicate this Photo to my friendswith whom I spend the 3rd Advent weekend in 2015 in MilanA special event deserves a special picture,therefore, especially for Philip and the guys from LFItalia a big Thank You for the passion and for the manpower , that you have insert in this weekendfor the warm welcome and for the perfect organizationEverybody and everything together has made this weekend to become a very special event and showed again, that Party” is not everything in life. Friendship and social contacts are a very important asset that needs to maintain it and preserve. This transformation photo was made of a original picture Paul took on Saturday night. Thank you Paul for doing this.

Desert Dunes

7. October 2015 0 comments

Endless desert, red sand and a infinite blue sky from which the sun burns. The earth flickers. Is it a Fata Morgana or an oasis in the desert, the cloudless sky reflects in the deep blue water? This is the original site of the United Arab Emirates.