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Worlds Food

Roasted Salmon in Riga

23. January 2016 0 comments

“Cepta laša fileja ar avokado salsu, krāsainiem rīsiem un kaperu mērci ar sarkanajiem siļķu ikriem.”

What a beautiful name for a savory dish in Riga. And also perfect for the category “Worlds Food”, but just posting the regular food picture only is not what my blog is for. Therefore here the photo transformed in “Modern Art Style”.

Roasted salmon fillet with avocado salsa, rainbow rice and caper sauce with red herring caviar.

I took this picture in Riga, August, 08,2015, shortly before eating the meal on the beautiful Place Līvu Laukums.

And for all of you who are interested in the original image: This is how my meal looks before I transformed it for the “Modern Art Photo”.Lachs aus Riga original


Worlds Food

Apple Picking

18. September 2015 0 comments

South Tyrol in Italy is well known for its apples. Right now is also the time for the picking. I remember very well how aromatic the apple fields smell and how delicious a fresh picked apple taste. … As a teenager, I visited very often with my parents the area around Sterzing, Meran and Dorf Tirol. The picture was taken at the Expo 2015 in Milan in July at the Pavilion of South Tyrol / Alto Adige.

On what do you remember when you see the picture?

Worlds Food


6. September 2015 0 comments

In Korea food is kept in clay pots to make it keepable to preserve food (such as kimchi). This picture with filled clay pots was taken in July 2015 at the EXPO in Milan.