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City Light´s – Colours of the World

The coloured world. See and discover, how multicolored it is.


Peggy´s Cove

2. August 2020 0 comments

I took this picture exactly one year ago, on the 2nd of August in 2019, on the picturesque place Peggy´s Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada. The place was crowded with tourists and it took me some time and patience to get this picture without the crowds.

At that time nobody had any idea what would happen to the world a short time later.

Back then, traveling was as natural as brushing your teeth, quickly and easily you changed the place and time, the region, the country, the continent; regardless of whether for a few short hours, days or weeks, the flight ticket was booked quickly and soon you arrived at your chosen destination..

Today, 365 days later, the reality is very different. Travel to neighboring countries is only possible with restrictions, visiting an other continent is almost impossible.

But what is the use of all the relaxing places if nobody can enjoy them, what are the benefits of the wonderful sights, if nobody can see them, how does the breathtaking nature affect us if we are not allowed to experience them?

Let us stick together and do not give up hope that we will soon be back in the “old” normality and continue to enjoy the beauty and diversity of our earth.

So that we can soon take a seat on the red chairs again and be able to enjoy the magnificent view again.


Purple Ghosts

6. June 2020 0 comments

New Zealand is amazing beautiful and has a unique nature. Everyone who has been there before will agree with me.

In order for this unique nature to be preserved, drastic measures are sometimes necessary, such as here at the Skippers Canyon in the Mount Aurum Recreation Reserve. At the time of the gold rush in this region, the settlers brought conifers with them from abroad. Since then, these conifers have spread as neophytes to such an extent that they massively displace native and endemic plants. New Zealand´s most vigorous spreading conifer, Lodgepole or Contorta pine (Pinus contorta) is the only species listed as a pest in the Otago Regional Council´s Pest Management Strategy..

In order to protect the indigenous flora, these “foreign” conifers are also partially controlled with herbicides. The dead trees shape the landscape and stretch across endless fields or stand, as here in the picture, as purple ghost trees along the mountain ridges.

This picture was taken on November 16, 2015 during my New Zealand tour.


Drive Yellow!

21. April 2020 0 comments

If you think of Havana, you immediately think of the numerous colorful vintage cars that can be found everywhere on the streets.

The bright yellow moving eggs, also called cocotaxis, don’t just drive at Easter. They are also part of the cityscape all year round and you don’t have to search for long. They are a quick and uncomplicated alternative to move through the colorful and lively city in an airy but at the same time protected from the sun.

It looks funny when they drive through the streets closely packed, almost like an oversized string of pearls or a mobile egg march.

The picture was taken at the end of April 2018, on my first visit to Havana, Cuba


Fresh Oysters

2. November 2019 0 comments

Granted, it was my first time here in Langebaan that I ate oysters. Before, I was never sure if they were really fresh and I was not willing paying so much just because it is “fancy”.

At Pearly’s Restaurant (my personal insider tip!) they were really fresh. They came directly from the sea and the price was unbeatable. Converted 1 € per piece ….. that´s why I could not resist and yes, they really taste like fresh sea :-). “Dit was baie lekker” as they say in Afrikaans.

In the past, the small fishing boats anchored directly in front like a string of pearls. Today, only the white-red stakes witness the past. As everywhere els industrial fishing has taken over fishing with modern, large ships.

The picture was taken on 15th of November in 2018 on my first visit to Langebaan on the Atlantic coast in South Africa.


Green Guardians

13. October 2019 0 comments

The Garden District in New Orleans are well known for the numerous sumptuous Antebellum-style villas. Of course, imposing property fences enclose every single house.

Like little house-elves or guardians from another world, these decorative fence-points look like they give each property a special individuality. Partly overgrown or covered with moss, the area looks magical, almost fallen into a deep sleep.

This picture was taken on August the 25th in 2019 at Third Street, New Orleans.



29. August 2019 0 comments

What a beautiful day with cloudless blue sky and sunshine.

And what a breathtaking scenery.

On my trip to Niagara Falls, I happened to pass the idyllic town of Niagara On The Lake, Ontario, Toronto. Here, the Niagara River flows into Lake Ontario. The city is not only known as Canada’s most famous wine-growing region, it was also declared a National Historic Site in 2003, making it a monument of historical importance.

So please sit down and enjoy ….

This image was taken on May 5th in 2019.


Barbie Is In Da House

10. June 2019 0 comments

For all Barbie’s and Ken’s in this world and for all the other beauties is this photo.

A dreamlike endless beach on the False Bay invites you to swim, definitely without paparazzi in complete solitude.

And so that certainly no gull watching the bikini put on, this exclusive changing room invites you to change your clothes stylishly. But be aware when splashing in the sea: Sharks may not just keep an eye on the bathing beauties!

This picture was taken in February 2019 at the Wolfgat Nature Reserve in South Africa.


Infinity Road

24. February 2019 0 comments
Infinity Road

Infinite width and roads that go straight until they merge with the horizon so that you do not see their end.

Where does the path leads? Always in one direction, straight to the front and on and on.

An allegory of life? Even the straightest road will eventually have potholes and minor bumps to overcome, but it will continue straight ahead. Endlessly straight ahead.

The view to the front and to the side into the infinite space gives a wonderful feeling of freedom and opens the horizon to all sides.

We should always keep that in our life: an open horizon,  a view forward to the future and to be ready for the things you meet on your way.

The picture was taken in February 2019 in South Africa on the way from Piketberg to Porterville on the R44.


Red Pearls

28. January 2019 0 comments

It looks like a string of pearls when low tide is in Langebaan. Then the buoys become unemployed and stranded. For a short time, they become a string of pearls on the beach that look like a giant has lost its pearl necklace.

This picture was taken on November the 15th 2018 at the beautiful beach of Langebaan in South Africa.


blue arcade

3. February 2018 0 comments

Sometimes there are views that look just beautiful, not artistically demanding, rather a bit naive but still just beautiful.

Such a motive I have recently discovered in Puerto Plata, in a beautiful resort.

So, why not publish this picture here? Perfect for my “blue category”.

The picture was taken on 26th of January in 2018