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Photos that are moving and changing. Dynamic, that capture your imagination and changes your mind and your feeling.

The fact that this image was created is, to be honest, more than coincidence. During an audio-visual journey through the Waitan Sightseeing Tunnel in Shanghai, it was so dark that I could not properly choose the camera settings and accidentally chose a longer exposure time than actually needed.

But as life has always taught us, many beautiful things are coincidences and happen when we actually want and expect something completely different.

Sometimes we realize at the end that it ends better, more colorful and brighter than we thought and believed in the beginning.

There is always light at the end of the tunnel.

This photo was taken on March 25, 2017 in Shanghai.



26. November 2017 0 comments

Sometimes you will find some ambivalent meanings of “movement” in this category.  I just wanted to photograph Hong Kong’s well-known One International Finance Center  whose building is going up and down in terms of trade and finance. But even the busy road in front of it is constantly in motion. It looks a little like the stock prices are falling …. 🙂

The photo was taken on 10th of March 2017 in Hong Kong.


Mut – Courage

8. September 2015 0 comments

A virtue, strong visible and clearly in the center. All around blurred, the fast changing environment. – How important are still values and virtues in our fast-paced world, with changes that are happening ever faster? Recorded in August 2015 Munich.



7. September 2015 0 comments

A new lighting system was born.