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Purple Ghosts

6. June 2020 0 comments

New Zealand is amazing beautiful and has a unique nature. Everyone who has been there before will agree with me.

In order for this unique nature to be preserved, drastic measures are sometimes necessary, such as here at the Skippers Canyon in the Mount Aurum Recreation Reserve. At the time of the gold rush in this region, the settlers brought conifers with them from abroad. Since then, these conifers have spread as neophytes to such an extent that they massively displace native and endemic plants. New Zealand´s most vigorous spreading conifer, Lodgepole or Contorta pine (Pinus contorta) is the only species listed as a pest in the Otago Regional Council´s Pest Management Strategy..

In order to protect the indigenous flora, these “foreign” conifers are also partially controlled with herbicides. The dead trees shape the landscape and stretch across endless fields or stand, as here in the picture, as purple ghost trees along the mountain ridges.

This picture was taken on November 16, 2015 during my New Zealand tour.


blue arcade

3. February 2018 0 comments

Sometimes there are views that look just beautiful, not artistically demanding, rather a bit naive but still just beautiful.

Such a motive I have recently discovered in Puerto Plata, in a beautiful resort.

So, why not publish this picture here? Perfect for my “blue category”.

The picture was taken on 26th of January in 2018


modern living

25. September 2017 0 comments

The apartments at the Beetham Tower in Manchester are probably the most expensive ones in the city, but you will be rewarded with a breathtaking view over the whole city. But also the passersby on the street are rewarded with insights and scenes of the everyday life of the inhabitants, if you take the time to look more closely at one of the highest residential buildings in Europe.

Modern but noways an anonymous living in the 21st century …  still reminds me of my old set-up box on the wall :-).

The glass facade made the blue color, a perfect connection to the sky and suitable for the “blue” category of City Light´s.

This picture was taken on 5th of August in 2017 during my first Manchester visit.


Blue Pop-Up Line

27. October 2016 0 comments

Blue windows and flaps stand in the way of the viewer and try to interrupt. Only a strict “go straight forward” leads you to infinity.

Sometimes it is also the view in a different direction or from another perspective, which creates such pictures like that, and than, suddenly, the front from the 1WTC in New York becomes a blue science fiction runway.

This photo was taken on 9/1o/2016.


Light Lift

22. September 2016 0 comments

Tribute In Light, a memorial to those who died at the attack on the World Trade Center.

The two light beams with the 88 searchlights represent the twin towers. They are the most powerful shafts of light ever projected from earth. If you stay at the base and look upward it seems that the beam of light is a connection between earth and sky. Like an elevator, who beams you up, directly to the stars.

This picture was taken on the 15th anniversary on 9/11 2016.


Everything is Blue

25. July 2016 0 comments

Blue in all its elements, – You can see it in the water, in the air and on land.

This picture was taken in July 2016, on the Canal du Rhône à Sète in southern France near to the beautiful Cathédrale de Maguelone. My first vacation on a houseboat. What an idyll and pure nature. Relaxed holidays with a true Mediterranean holiday flair.


Blue Tricom

13. February 2016 0 comments

Look, how powerful the 3 peaks rise up to the sky. To me it looks as if three airmen want to take us with them on their journey into the endless blue sky to discover the world.

I shoot this picture at the Air Force Memorial in Washington, close to the Pentagon on October, 26th in 2014.

Of course, a perfect image for the category “blue”.



14. October 2015 0 comments

Paris, the city of LOVE, of course. And what match better than a “LOVE WALL” ? Taken in October 2015


Freezing Rain

27. September 2015 0 comments

Endless blue, silvery white, it seems as if freezing rain falling from the sky. This picture was taken in the infinite vastnesses of the polar ice caps pavilions at the Expo in Milan in July 2015th