Peggy´s Cove

2. August 2020 0 comments

I took this picture exactly one year ago, on the 2nd of August in 2019, on the picturesque place Peggy´s Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada. The place was crowded with tourists…


Purple Ghosts

6. June 2020 0 comments

New Zealand is amazing beautiful and has a unique nature. Everyone who has been there before will agree with me. In order for this unique nature to be preserved, drastic…


Drive Yellow!

21. April 2020 0 comments

If you think of Havana, you immediately think of the numerous colorful vintage cars that can be found everywhere on the streets. The bright yellow moving eggs, also called cocotaxis,…


Fresh Oysters

2. November 2019 0 comments

Granted, it was my first time here in Langebaan that I ate oysters. Before, I was never sure if they were really fresh and I was not willing paying so…


Green Guardians

13. October 2019 0 comments

The Garden District in New Orleans are well known for the numerous sumptuous Antebellum-style villas. Of course, imposing property fences enclose every single house. Like little house-elves or guardians from…



29. August 2019 0 comments

What a beautiful day with cloudless blue sky and sunshine. And what a breathtaking scenery. On my trip to Niagara Falls, I happened to pass the idyllic town of Niagara…


Grandview Ave

7. August 2019 0 comments

Wikivoyage writes about Pittsburgh: “Pittsburgh has some of the top sights … and, according to many Americans, the most spectacular city panorama in the United States.” For my part, I…


Let´s Summer

2. July 2019 0 comments

Which invitation for celebrating the summer could be more colorful and meaningful than this one? A happy invitation to enjoy and celebrate the summer in all its facets. I found…


Barbie Is In Da House

10. June 2019 0 comments

For all Barbie’s and Ken’s in this world and for all the other beauties is this photo. A dreamlike endless beach on the False Bay invites you to swim, definitely…

Special Moments

Free as a Bird

7. April 2019 0 comments

Flying, the eternal dream of mankind. Free as a bird, flying with the winds up and down. Here in Wilderness, on the south coast of South Africa, where the Indian…