Infinity Road

24. February 2019 0 comments

Infinite width and roads that go straight until they merge with the horizon so that you do not see their end. Where does the path leads? Always in one direction,…


Red Pearls

28. January 2019 0 comments

It looks like a string of pearls when low tide is in Langebaan. Then the buoys become unemployed and stranded. For a short time, they become a string of pearls…

Hidden Secrets

I want to go to Hollywood

15. January 2019 0 comments

Sometimes it is not the subjekt that  makes a picture unique. It is more the story behind that gives the special moment. When I was in South Africa for the…


blue arcade

3. February 2018 0 comments

Sometimes there are views that look just beautiful, not artistically demanding, rather a bit naive but still just beautiful. Such a motive I have recently discovered in Puerto Plata, in…


There is light at the end of the tunnel!

15. January 2018 0 comments

The fact that this image was created is, to be honest, more than coincidence. During an audio-visual journey through the Waitan Sightseeing Tunnel in Shanghai, it was so dark that…



26. November 2017 0 comments

Sometimes you will find some ambivalent meanings of “movement” in this category.  I just wanted to photograph Hong Kong’s well-known One International Finance Center  whose building is going up and…


modern living

25. September 2017 0 comments

The apartments at the Beetham Tower in Manchester are probably the most expensive ones in the city, but you will be rewarded with a breathtaking view over the whole city.…


Walls of Power

10. August 2017 0 comments

Everybody who has ever been to Beijing knows the Tian´anmen Square, the place of heavenly peace. And also the Tian´an Men, the Gate of Heavenly Peace, the main entrance to…

Hidden Secrets


13. May 2017 0 comments

In this category you can find “secret” pictures and hidden objects. You would not see them, if you just take a quick and hasty look. If you take your time…

Hidden Secrets

A Piece of Heaven

1. April 2017 0 comments

Hong Kong, the city of skyscrapers and fascinating opposites. Over 7.3 million people live on only 2,754 sq km. In some residential areas, the sky is rare and often hidden…