Peggy´s Cove

posted by Franz 2. August 2020 0 comments

I took this picture exactly one year ago, on the 2nd of August in 2019, on the picturesque place Peggy´s Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada. The place was crowded with tourists and it took me some time and patience to get this picture without the crowds.

At that time nobody had any idea what would happen to the world a short time later.

Back then, traveling was as natural as brushing your teeth, quickly and easily you changed the place and time, the region, the country, the continent; regardless of whether for a few short hours, days or weeks, the flight ticket was booked quickly and soon you arrived at your chosen destination..

Today, 365 days later, the reality is very different. Travel to neighboring countries is only possible with restrictions, visiting an other continent is almost impossible.

But what is the use of all the relaxing places if nobody can enjoy them, what are the benefits of the wonderful sights, if nobody can see them, how does the breathtaking nature affect us if we are not allowed to experience them?

Let us stick together and do not give up hope that we will soon be back in the “old” normality and continue to enjoy the beauty and diversity of our earth.

So that we can soon take a seat on the red chairs again and be able to enjoy the magnificent view again.

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