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Green Guardians

13. October 2019 0 comments

The Garden District in New Orleans are well known for the numerous sumptuous Antebellum-style villas. Of course, imposing property fences enclose every single house.

Like little house-elves or guardians from another world, these decorative fence-points look like they give each property a special individuality. Partly overgrown or covered with moss, the area looks magical, almost fallen into a deep sleep.

This picture was taken on August the 25th in 2019 at Third Street, New Orleans.


Xmas TreeBike

23. December 2015 0 comments

The first picture in the category “GREEN” is, how it might be more appropriate for the 12/23/2015, a bike made  Christmas tree. I took this picture on 8th of November on the green north Island of New Zealand, in Rotorua, the Bay of Plenty.

With this photo, I want to wish you beautiful and peaceful Christmas. Who knows, maybe a pendant version of this bikes is also under some xmas-trees around the world? 🙂