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Peggy´s Cove

2. August 2020 0 comments

I took this picture exactly one year ago, on the 2nd of August in 2019, on the picturesque place Peggy´s Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada. The place was crowded with tourists and it took me some time and patience to get this picture without the crowds.

At that time nobody had any idea what would happen to the world a short time later.

Back then, traveling was as natural as brushing your teeth, quickly and easily you changed the place and time, the region, the country, the continent; regardless of whether for a few short hours, days or weeks, the flight ticket was booked quickly and soon you arrived at your chosen destination..

Today, 365 days later, the reality is very different. Travel to neighboring countries is only possible with restrictions, visiting an other continent is almost impossible.

But what is the use of all the relaxing places if nobody can enjoy them, what are the benefits of the wonderful sights, if nobody can see them, how does the breathtaking nature affect us if we are not allowed to experience them?

Let us stick together and do not give up hope that we will soon be back in the “old” normality and continue to enjoy the beauty and diversity of our earth.

So that we can soon take a seat on the red chairs again and be able to enjoy the magnificent view again.


Fresh Oysters

2. November 2019 0 comments

Granted, it was my first time here in Langebaan that I ate oysters. Before, I was never sure if they were really fresh and I was not willing paying so much just because it is “fancy”.

At Pearly’s Restaurant (my personal insider tip!) they were really fresh. They came directly from the sea and the price was unbeatable. Converted 1 € per piece ….. that´s why I could not resist and yes, they really taste like fresh sea :-). “Dit was baie lekker” as they say in Afrikaans.

In the past, the small fishing boats anchored directly in front like a string of pearls. Today, only the white-red stakes witness the past. As everywhere els industrial fishing has taken over fishing with modern, large ships.

The picture was taken on 15th of November in 2018 on my first visit to Langebaan on the Atlantic coast in South Africa.


Barbie Is In Da House

10. June 2019 0 comments

For all Barbie’s and Ken’s in this world and for all the other beauties is this photo.

A dreamlike endless beach on the False Bay invites you to swim, definitely without paparazzi in complete solitude.

And so that certainly no gull watching the bikini put on, this exclusive changing room invites you to change your clothes stylishly. But be aware when splashing in the sea: Sharks may not just keep an eye on the bathing beauties!

This picture was taken in February 2019 at the Wolfgat Nature Reserve in South Africa.


Red Pearls

28. January 2019 0 comments

It looks like a string of pearls when low tide is in Langebaan. Then the buoys become unemployed and stranded. For a short time, they become a string of pearls on the beach that look like a giant has lost its pearl necklace.

This picture was taken on November the 15th 2018 at the beautiful beach of Langebaan in South Africa.


Walls of Power

10. August 2017 0 comments

Everybody who has ever been to Beijing knows the Tian´anmen Square, the place of heavenly peace. And also the Tian´an Men, the Gate of Heavenly Peace, the main entrance to the Forbidden City. – By the way, did you know that this Mao portrait at the gate is the only picture in Beijing of Mao in public? –

Nevertheless for me the unending wall besides the Gate is much more impressive. This wall encloses the idyllic Changpuhe Park, before entering the Forbidden City.

The perfect picture for the category “City Light´s” in “red” , created on the 20th of March 2017.


Skippers Bridge

8. October 2016 0 comments

Far away from the tourists crawling in  Queenstown on the other end of the world in New Zealand this picture was taken on 16th of November 2015.

The bridge crosses the richest river in the world, the Shotover River. Even today, gold is extracted daily from the surrounding mountains by natural erosion and residues in the river bed.

Some time ago lots of gold diggers try to find their luck on the Skippers Road. Today you can find some waste cottages that bear witness to the forgotten “Golden Age”.

Here was also the scene set, where Frodo escaped from the Nazgûl with the help of Arwen in Part 1 of Lord of the Rings.


Look Around!

15. August 2016 0 comments

This photo is dedicated to all the Pokémon Go Players, who just walk through Life while looking at their smartphones.

Only if you take a break, wait and take a look around you, you can see what happens just next to you.

This photo is just a sunset, there are many of those, many beautiful and different ones during a Life, but every moment is unique and too precious to be ignored.

For taking this photo I waited and took a look around just next to the railway bridge and the water locks of Kostheim neat the City of Gustavsburg on 14th of August 2016.



10. April 2016 0 comments

Minorities are important and enriching the whole. If you take a look at this picture you can see it very clearly.

What would be the image without the blue structures? A surface-filling color without greater contrast and effect.

Even in real life minorities give an important contribution and a supplement, so that the “whole” become versatile and varied as it is. Without minorities it will degenerate to a boring uniform mass.

I shoot this picture on the beginning of November 2015 in Melbourne in the garden of the National Gallery of Victoria. (



31. December 2015 0 comments

What an eventful year comes to an end. “The world is changed”, you can read it even in J.R.R.Tolkiens “Lord of the Rings”.

If you take a look to all the reviews and summaries of 2015, you can see, that 2015 was a very emotional year. Fear, terror and disasters come to the fore and have determined the daily routine.

The question of trust, security, humanity and joy of life was this times very difficult to answer.

I wish that despair, fear and terror do not prevail in 2016.

I hope that 2016 people do not show only at home and in private her participation and compassion, but also do it in public to profess what constitutes humanity, that 2016 becomes a year full of joy, confidence, hope, courage, solutions and coexistence.

No one should approve something in which he is not convinced, however, must this different thinking be shown with violence and by offending common decency?

We are the world and the world are we. Who, if not every single individual can also change something? Some on a large scale, but some also by slow degrees, starting on their own front door.

Who, if not we ourselves, are the ones, who can live with ethical standards.

I took this picture in October 2015 in Paris at Square “Place Stravinsky” from the “La Fontaine Stravinsky” (by Jean Tinguely and Niki de Saint Phalle 1982/83).

Between al the other many colorful figures, the Heart get lost in the shuffle. The Heart is THAT symbol of our whole life, the joy of life and humanity, not only in fairy tales, especially in the real world.

The beating (moving) heart as a condition of all life and the water as the source of all life. What a great symbolism in the city of joy that had to suffer so bitterly in 2015.

I’d like to dedicate this photo to all the good hearts and souls who fight for goodness and humanity, who have shown and given cordiality, and who have not supported the hateful, violent and contemptuous way of life.

I also want to welcome the new year 2016 with this photo as a request to show more confidence and courage, and look for solutions. Lets make 2016 a year full of joy, coexistence, humanity and cordiality.

For us, for everybody, for the world.

Happy New Year 2016