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Drive Yellow!

21. April 2020 0 comments

If you think of Havana, you immediately think of the numerous colorful vintage cars that can be found everywhere on the streets.

The bright yellow moving eggs, also called cocotaxis, don’t just drive at Easter. They are also part of the cityscape all year round and you don’t have to search for long. They are a quick and uncomplicated alternative to move through the colorful and lively city in an airy but at the same time protected from the sun.

It looks funny when they drive through the streets closely packed, almost like an oversized string of pearls or a mobile egg march.

The picture was taken at the end of April 2018, on my first visit to Havana, Cuba


Infinity Road

24. February 2019 0 comments
Infinity Road

Infinite width and roads that go straight until they merge with the horizon so that you do not see their end.

Where does the path leads? Always in one direction, straight to the front and on and on.

An allegory of life? Even the straightest road will eventually have potholes and minor bumps to overcome, but it will continue straight ahead. Endlessly straight ahead.

The view to the front and to the side into the infinite space gives a wonderful feeling of freedom and opens the horizon to all sides.

We should always keep that in our life: an open horizon,  a view forward to the future and to be ready for the things you meet on your way.

The picture was taken in February 2019 in South Africa on the way from Piketberg to Porterville on the R44.



6. March 2017 0 comments

Architecture does not have to be functional, architecture can also be very artful and outstanding. Everybody knows that. What happens, if nature meets architecture? Well, than it seems like they begin to life. I looks like this Wing rise up to the sky and follow the sun.

This picture was taken at 14th of September 2016 at the Oculus in New York.


Maya the Bee

3. August 2016 0 comments

Sunflowers and a blue sky are symbols of summer for me. Especially this year I miss the summer with all the rainy days.

A real bright spot was this very huge field of sunflowers, I saw last weekend on the road. It was a big traffic jam on the Autobahn because of holidays get started an my navigation system suggest me to take an other road. On this National Primary Road I passed the small community Esselbach in Spessart and saw this sunflower field and the hustle and bustle of busy bees.

The first row of the famous song from Maya the bee is not entirely true “… In an unknown land …” at least I knew where I am, but it was such a short intense summer-break.

This large photo series called “City Lights”, but also smaller towns are included in the “colors of the world”. More and more I recognize, that you can find beauty right on your doorstep if you take a deeper look.

This picture was recorded 30th of July in 2016, at the sunflower fields next to Esselbach.



31. January 2016 0 comments

You could also call this picture YELLOW LINE but Urupukapuka sounds even more romantic, or?

I shoot this photo on November, 5th 2015 at the beautiful Otehei Bay, on Urupukapuka Iceland located in the Bay of Islands, further than Down Under, in New Zealand. Who wants to know where it exactly it was, just follow the link here. 

An ancient lichened Boardwalk welcomes you with the unspoken words: “Welcome to this place of earth, where nature is still as pristine as it was many years ago. Stepp closer, relax and forget your everyday life, here, the time stands still!”


Heaven Of Gold

29. December 2015 0 comments

This picture is named “Heaven Of Gold”. In New Zealand, was (and they do it still today) mined gold. When I visited the Lake Tekapo on 11/19/2015, New Zealand showed itself from its golden side. Impressive and lush nature, and a sky that looked as if it were covered with gold leaf. He shone so strong that the gold seemed to drip down formally. A nice photo for the City Lights´category “Yellow”.


Open Windows

27. September 2015 0 comments

This photo was taken in London in July 2015th. Although London is known as the Raining City, I had this weekend a wonderful and intensive sunshine. The blue sky is the perfect contrast for the yellow house facade.