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26. November 2017 0 comments

Sometimes you will find some ambivalent meanings of “movement” in this category.  I just wanted to photograph Hong Kong’s well-known One International Finance Center  whose building is going up and down in terms of trade and finance. But even the busy road in front of it is constantly in motion. It looks a little like the stock prices are falling …. 🙂

The photo was taken on 10th of March 2017 in Hong Kong.


Walls of Power

10. August 2017 0 comments

Everybody who has ever been to Beijing knows the Tian´anmen Square, the place of heavenly peace. And also the Tian´an Men, the Gate of Heavenly Peace, the main entrance to the Forbidden City. – By the way, did you know that this Mao portrait at the gate is the only picture in Beijing of Mao in public? –

Nevertheless for me the unending wall besides the Gate is much more impressive. This wall encloses the idyllic Changpuhe Park, before entering the Forbidden City.

The perfect picture for the category “City Light´s” in “red” , created on the 20th of March 2017.


Time for a Champaign

6. September 2015 0 comments

My blog page is ready to go online!

Hooray, now the project can start. This must be celebrated. Bottom up and Cheeeeers!