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June 2020


Purple Ghosts

6. June 2020 0 comments

New Zealand is amazing beautiful and has a unique nature. Everyone who has been there before will agree with me.

In order for this unique nature to be preserved, drastic measures are sometimes necessary, such as here at the Skippers Canyon in the Mount Aurum Recreation Reserve. At the time of the gold rush in this region, the settlers brought conifers with them from abroad. Since then, these conifers have spread as neophytes to such an extent that they massively displace native and endemic plants. New Zealand´s most vigorous spreading conifer, Lodgepole or Contorta pine (Pinus contorta) is the only species listed as a pest in the Otago Regional Council´s Pest Management Strategy..

In order to protect the indigenous flora, these “foreign” conifers are also partially controlled with herbicides. The dead trees shape the landscape and stretch across endless fields or stand, as here in the picture, as purple ghost trees along the mountain ridges.

This picture was taken on November 16, 2015 during my New Zealand tour.