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Hidden Secrets

Often something special is hidden, not obvious at first glance, it wants to be discovered, conquered and found. Only then unfolds its true face.

Hidden Secrets

I want to go to Hollywood

15. January 2019 0 comments

Sometimes it is not the subjekt that  makes a picture unique.

It is more the story behind that gives the special moment.

When I was in South Africa for the first time, (a long-awaited dream of mine, of course), a day trip to the mountains in the Cederberg region was also on the plan. With the rental car we started and up on gravel roads to the summit of the Grootwinterhoek Wilderness Area. We stopped at a lookout point to take a picture of the  wide open and endless valley. Right next to me was the bush.

And there she was, a bee patiently standing in the air and not leaving my side, just as if she had been waiting for the moment when I came with my lens to photograph her. She looked straight into the lens and showed herself from her most beautiful side, as if she wanted to say: “Look, here I am, I’m a star and I want to go to Hollywood”.

The picture was taken on Nov. 14th in 2018


Hidden Secrets


13. May 2017 0 comments

In this category you can find “secret” pictures and hidden objects. You would not see them, if you just take a quick and hasty look.

If you take your time and change the vantage point you can discover amazing objects. Even a ordinary dandeloin flower can metamorphose in a fascinating subject.

This photo was taken on April 24th, 2017 just in front of my entry door.

Hidden Secrets

A Piece of Heaven

1. April 2017 0 comments

Hong Kong, the city of skyscrapers and fascinating opposites. Over 7.3 million people live on only 2,754 sq km. In some residential areas, the sky is rare and often hidden among so much concrete. But if you walk just a few steps out of the city, you will be surprised by the variety of nature. Opposites, as they can not be stronger exists together.

The picture was taken on March 10, 2017 in the district of Quarry Bay in Hong Kong.

Hidden Secrets

He´s still alive

8. December 2015 0 comments

On a beautiful sunny day end of November 2015 I visited the Milford Sound in New Zealand (actually it is a Fjord, not a Sound). As I go on board on a ship to make a boot tour at the Milford Sound I had no idea, what will happen a few minutes later.

Suddenly and unexpectedly, for a brief moment, no longer than a blink of an eye, the sun eclipsed, and he was seen. Hidden behind a waterfall, Sauron revealed … or was it just the Witch-king of Angmar, or  a Nazgul?

No matter who it was, who was briefly seen, but in the land of Frodo and Middle Earth the Lord of the Rings is not finally defeated.

Hidden Secrets

Sulfur Mine

12. November 2015 0 comments

This image is taken on one of the most remote and most bizarre places in the world for me.

That is why the picture is placed to “hidden secrets”.

On the other side of the world, in New Zealand, you can find in the Bay of Plenty this deserted island, about 50 km off the coast of Rotorua. White Island or Whakaari is one of the 3 active volcanoes in New Zealand. The old dilapidated sulfate mine on the unreal terrain and its buildings bear witness to a time the Sulfur was degraded and won under most difficult conditions. A world that seem to be awakened, something between “Star Wars” and “Lord of the Rings” to life. The picture was taken in early November 2015th