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October 2015



14. October 2015 0 comments

Paris, the city of LOVE, of course. And what match better than a “LOVE WALL” ? Taken in October 2015


Pink Love

11. October 2015 0 comments

This picture is dedicated to all the Gays, to the Girls, Women and Ladys, and to ALL OTHER (men? ;-p) who loves PINK.

Love Hugs from the City of Love, Paris. May 2015


Desert Dunes

7. October 2015 0 comments

Endless desert, red sand and a infinite blue sky from which the sun burns. The earth flickers. Is it a Fata Morgana or an oasis in the desert, the cloudless sky reflects in the deep blue water? This is the original site of the United Arab Emirates.


Yellow Neighbor

1. October 2015 0 comments

Although the title of this image makes no sense, this house was right next to the yellow house of “Open Windows”. In bright sunshine, the place was a colorful feast for the eyes on this glorious Saturday. This image was taken also in July 2015, London, at the same time as “Open Windows”.