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August 2016


Look Around!

15. August 2016 0 comments

This photo is dedicated to all the Pokémon Go Players, who just walk through Life while looking at their smartphones.

Only if you take a break, wait and take a look around you, you can see what happens just next to you.

This photo is just a sunset, there are many of those, many beautiful and different ones during a Life, but every moment is unique and too precious to be ignored.

For taking this photo I waited and took a look around just next to the railway bridge and the water locks of Kostheim neat the City of Gustavsburg on 14th of August 2016.


Maya the Bee

3. August 2016 0 comments

Sunflowers and a blue sky are symbols of summer for me. Especially this year I miss the summer with all the rainy days.

A real bright spot was this very huge field of sunflowers, I saw last weekend on the road. It was a big traffic jam on the Autobahn because of holidays get started an my navigation system suggest me to take an other road. On this National Primary Road I passed the small community Esselbach in Spessart and saw this sunflower field and the hustle and bustle of busy bees.

The first row of the famous song from Maya the bee is not entirely true “… In an unknown land …” at least I knew where I am, but it was such a short intense summer-break.

This large photo series called “City Lights”, but also smaller towns are included in the “colors of the world”. More and more I recognize, that you can find beauty right on your doorstep if you take a deeper look.

This picture was recorded 30th of July in 2016, at the sunflower fields next to Esselbach.