Underground Tracks

posted by Franz 25. May 2023

Even if this picture looks pretty static at first glance, you will be captivated if you look at it for a longer period of time. Deeper and deeper in, you can feel the enormous power and movement that is omnipresent here in this tunnel.

There is only a brief moment of silence before the next train pulls up on one of the tracks and the hustle and bustle of people getting on and off, commuters and tourists starts all over again.

All that only for a short moment, but in a regular rhythm and precise to the second.

This view into the tube remains hidden from most passengers, however, as every effort is made to leave the platform as quickly as possible and come back to the surface.

Only the waiting travelers and the prudent are granted this brief fascinating glimpse of the underground, a brief moment of stillness that stimulates your imagination by telling countless stories of travelers.

This picture was taken in a subway station known as “T” or just “The Subway” in Boston, Massachusetts, United States, on August 12, 2022.

Built in 1897, it was the first subway system in the United States.