About Me

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About me

Franz Lorenz, (yes that’s my real and only first name, but when I was grown up I used to use my nickname FLo sometimes), born 04.12.1977 in Rüsselsheim, and live in Bischofsheim. I love the Rhein-Main-Area and so I have remained faithful to this day my hometown. All other technical details, body measurements, shoe size, final grades, life experiences, etc. are indeed exciting, but you you want to know them, just ask me in privat on Facebook 🙂 . After all, it’s not about me, special to what I do.

Oh yes in the context briefly worth mentioning: When i was a baby I already had a camera in my hand (so  thousand “Thanks” to the inventor of digital photography, otherwise the analog film consumption would have cost me to today million) and traveling is one of my passions.

Why a blog?

There is hardly any other thing as art and music to get so quickly, easily and directly with foreigners in contact. In music you do it with dancing or singing along with somebody, and on art you can talk and discuss, soon you’re in a dialogue about what you have seen. Even if you do not like art, you can talk about it with others. Art promotes communication, whether in the real world, or here in the digital network. And since I was a little boy I first held a camera in my hands, and I have shunned the microphone, so here it is, a blog for the photography and for the Art. At the moment you can´t find me either in a gallery, nor my works can be seen at the museum (haha :-)), so I chose the “easy” way of blogs. You only need internet and a suitable medium (PC, tablet, smartphone) and you can get in contact with me and discuss about my artwork with foreigners and get in contact with them. All around the world. Isn´t it Great?

What is the fascinated thing about the photography?

A picture is worth a thousand words. The saying is old, but still current.

The special thing about a photo is that the you conserved the moment and the attention is focused on exactly this moment.

We “see” every day with our eyes our environment, everyone is equal, but that thing we really see is different for each. Everyone pays attention to other things that are important to each other details. By the look of the viewfinder of the camera you pay attention to a small area, and details, that you have not seen before, will be displayed at once. Capture this moment and make it visible to everybody, is so special about an image.

Especially when I’m in a foreign city, this reminds me also of something else.  I see something new, beautiful, but I can not subconsciously focus on. The weather is too hot, it’s too loud, it’s raining, I think of the situation just a minute before, what will be coming next…;  I not live in the here and now with my thoughts. I am somewhere else and the only reason for taking pictures is, because I’m here in a new city now.

Some days or even years later, if I take a look at the picture, all thoughts I had in the moment of taking the pictures are gone and I only see, what is in the picture. This moment, this memory of the past is much clearer and more present and will not be “distracted” by other thoughts. I often discover in the pictures new details, that I did not see at the time when I was taking the picture. The pictures tells me its own story.

And why PHOTO ART?

As mentioned earlier, images have their own history and preserve a moment. What is more obvious, than to give the picture a own story and to make the image “alife” and to modify itself, that foreigners get in contact and talk about the new story in a mutual dialogue.

For whom is the blog?

Negative Poster, spam propagators and bootlegger who disregard the copyright should not be here.

Otherwise all are warmly welcome to join me on my journey. I want to invite everyone to discover with me my view of the world, and I am glad if I inspire others with my ideas. It would be also a pleasure and I really looking forward, if I can find also a gallery who want to exhibit my pictures, or other media which publish my works.