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31. December 2015 0 comments

What an eventful year comes to an end. “The world is changed”, you can read it even in J.R.R.Tolkiens “Lord of the Rings”.

If you take a look to all the reviews and summaries of 2015, you can see, that 2015 was a very emotional year. Fear, terror and disasters come to the fore and have determined the daily routine.

The question of trust, security, humanity and joy of life was this times very difficult to answer.

I wish that despair, fear and terror do not prevail in 2016.

I hope that 2016 people do not show only at home and in private her participation and compassion, but also do it in public to profess what constitutes humanity, that 2016 becomes a year full of joy, confidence, hope, courage, solutions and coexistence.

No one should approve something in which he is not convinced, however, must this different thinking be shown with violence and by offending common decency?

We are the world and the world are we. Who, if not every single individual can also change something? Some on a large scale, but some also by slow degrees, starting on their own front door.

Who, if not we ourselves, are the ones, who can live with ethical standards.

I took this picture in October 2015 in Paris at Square “Place Stravinsky” from the “La Fontaine Stravinsky” (by Jean Tinguely and Niki de Saint Phalle 1982/83).

Between al the other many colorful figures, the Heart get lost in the shuffle. The Heart is THAT symbol of our whole life, the joy of life and humanity, not only in fairy tales, especially in the real world.

The beating (moving) heart as a condition of all life and the water as the source of all life. What a great symbolism in the city of joy that had to suffer so bitterly in 2015.

I’d like to dedicate this photo to all the good hearts and souls who fight for goodness and humanity, who have shown and given cordiality, and who have not supported the hateful, violent and contemptuous way of life.

I also want to welcome the new year 2016 with this photo as a request to show more confidence and courage, and look for solutions. Lets make 2016 a year full of joy, coexistence, humanity and cordiality.

For us, for everybody, for the world.

Happy New Year 2016


Heaven Of Gold

29. December 2015 0 comments

This picture is named “Heaven Of Gold”. In New Zealand, was (and they do it still today) mined gold. When I visited the Lake Tekapo on 11/19/2015, New Zealand showed itself from its golden side. Impressive and lush nature, and a sky that looked as if it were covered with gold leaf. He shone so strong that the gold seemed to drip down formally. A nice photo for the City Lights´category “Yellow”.


Xmas TreeBike

23. December 2015 0 comments

The first picture in the category “GREEN” is, how it might be more appropriate for the 12/23/2015, a bike made  Christmas tree. I took this picture on 8th of November on the green north Island of New Zealand, in Rotorua, the Bay of Plenty.

With this photo, I want to wish you beautiful and peaceful Christmas. Who knows, maybe a pendant version of this bikes is also under some xmas-trees around the world? 🙂


So many Misters

13. December 2015 0 comments
 I would like to dedicate this Photo to my friendswith whom I spend the 3rd Advent weekend in 2015 in MilanA special event deserves a special picture,therefore, especially for Philip and the guys from LFItalia a big Thank You for the passion and for the manpower , that you have insert in this weekendfor the warm welcome and for the perfect organizationEverybody and everything together has made this weekend to become a very special event and showed again, that Party” is not everything in life. Friendship and social contacts are a very important asset that needs to maintain it and preserve. This transformation photo was made of a original picture Paul took on Saturday night. Thank you Paul for doing this.
Hidden Secrets

He´s still alive

8. December 2015 0 comments

On a beautiful sunny day end of November 2015 I visited the Milford Sound in New Zealand (actually it is a Fjord, not a Sound). As I go on board on a ship to make a boot tour at the Milford Sound I had no idea, what will happen a few minutes later.

Suddenly and unexpectedly, for a brief moment, no longer than a blink of an eye, the sun eclipsed, and he was seen. Hidden behind a waterfall, Sauron revealed … or was it just the Witch-king of Angmar, or  a Nazgul?

No matter who it was, who was briefly seen, but in the land of Frodo and Middle Earth the Lord of the Rings is not finally defeated.