Hidden Secrets

I want to go to Hollywood

posted by Franz 15. January 2019

Sometimes it is not the subjekt that  makes a picture unique.

It is more the story behind that gives the special moment.

When I was in South Africa for the first time, (a long-awaited dream of mine, of course), a day trip to the mountains in the Cederberg region was also on the plan. With the rental car we started and up on gravel roads to the summit of the Grootwinterhoek Wilderness Area. We stopped at a lookout point to take a picture of the  wide open and endless valley. Right next to me was the bush.

And there she was, a bee patiently standing in the air and not leaving my side, just as if she had been waiting for the moment when I came with my lens to photograph her. She looked straight into the lens and showed herself from her most beautiful side, as if she wanted to say: “Look, here I am, I’m a star and I want to go to Hollywood”.

The picture was taken on Nov. 14th in 2018