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Gum Wall

posted by Franz 29. October 2021

Chewing Gum as Worlds Food?
Well, what does “Worlds Food” mean? Either the food is typical of a country or a region, or the food is known worldwide.
You can argue about whether chewing gum can be called food, but you put it in your mouth and chew on it … nothing else than what you do with food. And chewing gum is known worldwide, so rightly placed here in this category “Worlds Food”.
And besides, this blog should be read with a certain piece of fun. 🙂

Seattle has many attractions, one of which is the famous Gum Wall. A wall full of thousands and thousands of chewing gums.

This is the original picture before transformation into the picture “Gum Wall”.

Isn’t it quite interesting, how the picture looks after its transformation? It’s quite interesting how colorful it looks now.

This picture was taken on 24th of March 2018 in the beautiful city Seattle.

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