A fairy tale from 1001 Nights.

posted by Franz 17. January 2023

Here in Oman, the stories from the Orient come alive and you can immerse yourself in the mysterious world of 1001 Nights.

In the streets and in the souks is a hustle and bustle, the scent of life, as the “white gold” frankincense is also called, is omnipresent and with just a little imagination you can find yourself thousands of years ago as Queen Saba docked in the harbor and loaded spices and the precious resin on their ships as a gift for their visit to King Solomon in Jerusalem.

Today’s fairy tales are different, yet the same. Precious spices and noble perfumes are offered in the souk, the extraordinary landscape and the impressive architecture captivate every visitor.

You will also be enchanted by this masterpiece here in the picture. This is one of the biggest chandeliers in the world. With its 1,122 lamps and millions of Swarovski crystals, it looks like a small town itself, like a magnificent temple where you can see the Genie from the magic lamp wandering through the numerous rooms of this castle of light.
If you look into it long enough, your wish emerges, like Aladdin once did, just rub this lamp, just once…

This masterpiece of light art hangs in the Great Sultan Qabos Mosque in Muscat and is definitely worth a visit, not only if you believe in the fairy tales of 1001 Nights.

Here you can feel the true magic of the Orient.

This picture was taken on November 25th, 2010.