City Gate

posted by Franz 23. January 2022

Pittsburgh (in the US State Pennsylvania) is said to have more bridges than Venice.

I didn’t count them, but the many bridges that lead into the “City of Steel” do indeed shape the urban image. Each one is unique in its design, appearance and colouring.

But they all have in common that they lead the visitor into the center like a city gate. You have to take this one path, which the bridge specifies, to get to your destination.
As strict and unyielding as the bridge sets the path – you have no other choice, if you want to get to the other end – they are also open and free, because they connect here with there, inside with outside.

This bridge, the Andy Warhol Bridge, takes you directly to the Andy Warhol Museum. But the bridge itself is already a work of art in its own right, you just have to change the perspective.

This picture was taken in July, 21st. in 2019.