HEX #F04A00

posted by Franz 14. October 2022

This color coordinate stand for the color “International Orange”. But even without this name, the building that bears the color is world-famous. Anyone who has seen it with their own eyes will not forget and will immediately know which building was photographed here.

I guess that 99.9% of all pictures show this beautiful bridge in its entirety. Only a few pay attention to the numerous details that make this masterpiece of architecture so unique.

This photo was created with this ulterior motive: to bring details and perspectives into the foreground, which only become visible at second glance and can only be discovered on closer inspection. A call to everyone to pause next time and take the time for an intensive contemplation.

And for all those who haven’t seen the Golden Gate Bridge with their own eyes yet: It has this wonderful name because it spans the Golden Gate, as the strait in San Francisco Bay is called. It has been given its “warning color” HEX #F04A00 so that it can be seen clearly in fog and other poor visibility conditions.

This photo was taken on September 4th, 2022 in the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco.