Table Mountain

posted by Franz 7. November 2022

When it comes to Cape Town, the media likes to get creative to give this special place an appropriate name. The most colorful, the most diverse, the most beautiful, the most liberal, the one with the best wines, THE gateway to Africa and much more.

Without a doubt, the sight of Cape Town with Table Mountain (afrikaans:Tafelberg) awakens very special longings and memories for many tourists.

For the Capetonians, as the residents of Cape Town are called, this sight is omnipresent and normal everyday life. Nothing special anymore, one would think, if one observes the lively and hectic hustle and bustle here at the waterfront during the day. Only the tourists reveal themselves because they are the ones who look up and enjoy the unique sight and take pictures.

But when the sun slowly sets and the hustle and bustle decreases, when you start the cozy part of the evening in one of the numerous bars and restaurants, then everyone suddenly notices this unique atmosphere and the special mood that emanates from this place and that everyone in draws the spell.

And then the locals slowly start looking up and pausing at this really special place.

There are definitely millions of similar photos of the waterfront with a view of Table Mountain that every tourist has taken.

My photo here is unique and proves that the place is instantly recognizable and memories are evoked, even if the image only shows blurred outlines and no details. A perfect image for my Cityscapes category.

This photo was taken on February 14, 2022 at Victoria Wharf, V&A Waterfront in Cape Town.